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    I am a MyBump2Baby favourite blogger!

    I am so excited to be joining hundreds of amazing parent bloggers on the MyBump2Baby directory. This means that when you next search the app/site for some advice or information “best baby buys” for example. You should be able to find my blog with my recommendations. Download the app The database at MyBump2Baby is perfect from even before pregnancy. It is full of such incredible advice from such lovely REAL people.

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    Why I’ve taken my child’s toys away from him

    ….and you should too I am so sick to the back teeth of tripping over toys. They are everywhere, I found the ear from Mr potato head behind the loo the other day. The kids have far too much. Emily is ok, she is eleven and super tidy and her toys stay in her room, she has a space for everything. Fred on the otherhand really does have too many toys for a three year old. He never really plays with them. He loves his Gup-S and he did play with that for maybe 1 week solid. Tony and I have tried helping him engage with toys but it’s a…