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  • This New Years Resolution - Ditching Toxic Peop;e
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    This New Year’s Resolution – Ditching Toxic People

    What makes someone Toxic? Usually behaviour that is learned from childhood, which then causes dysfunctional social skills. Therefore most wont know they are doing it or haven’t been told so. If you believe this of someone, let them know you don’t like the way they act or talk around you and others. It is completely normal for Toxic people to be unaware. What is a New Years Resolution? It started way back in the 1800’s where the Babylonians traditionally promised to re-pay their debts. As the decades have progressed it has changed slightly, so instead of returning borrowed goods or maintaining commitment to chivalry. The 21st Century is more lose…

  • postnatal depression, postpartum depression
    Mental Health

    My experience with Postnatal Depression

    My experience with postnatal depression came from nowhere My experience of having postnatal depression kind of leapt at me. It took two years of trying before we conceived Fred, he was so wanted, so loved already. Emily was excited to become a big sister – even if baby was a boy. When Fred was born we were smitten, he was perfect. It soon changed, I changed and I became obsessive. It felt as if I’d wrapped the kids in a ball of cotton wool and anyone near was damaging it, wearing my trust thinner. I needed to protect them, and myself. I’d become such a horrible person, hated everyone and…