oy holding wrapped jacques of london gift

Jaques of London: Wooden Toy Review

If you have read my other blogs then you’ll know just how much I love Wooden Toys & Games. So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review a Wooden Toy from Jaques of London.

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Jaques of London

8 generations of one family. Incredible really isn’t it, considering the way the British industry has changed over the past 50 years alone. Imagine being a toy inventor , that sounds like a dream doesn’t it. Look at it this way, the product your holding in your hand as you read this, it was invented by someone , what if it started with a dream? You are holding someone’s dream. Let that sink in.

There’s no need for any extra wrapping paper on top as their Wooden toys and games are already hand wrapped in paper inside a stunning box and finished with a beautifully branded ribbon. The paper inside gives off some incredible information about the company and I couldn’t be prouder holding their products today. Read on for my honest Jaques of London wooden toy review.

Which Jaques of London toy did we review?

oy holding wrapped jacques of london gift
Fred couldn’t wait to open this Gorgeous box

We reviewed the Wooden Abacus. Fred has just started learning all about Letters and numbers in school and he loves doing some mental math, so I knew this was a perfect addition to our home.

Wooden Abacus

So does Fred like it? Of course he does, as I thought. Fred is really enjoying learning numbers, adding and subtracting. Since we received this Wooden abacus toy he has played with it at every opportunity he gets. We may be eating dinner and if he sees the Abacus in view he will start giving us some numbers to add together. He asks us randomly in the car aswell, especially when he sees road signs with numbers he will always try and add up the numbers. Our local Road is the A917 he has put 9, 1 and 7 in lines then added them up together. The abacus isn’t only a brilliant toy for learning, it is also incredibly fun to make shapes and letters with, which we are really enjoying. Danny is 2 years old and he loves to play with the beads

Wooden Toys and Games

My favourite thing about wooden toys and games is that 90% of the time they don’t need batteries. Which of course means no more over stimulating flashing lights and weird robotic voices. Plastic toys are usually keeping up with the latest technologies therefore pressing a button will do what the toy needs to do. Whereas wooden toys keep the imagination alive. there is no need for music and lights, children can make their own noise when they play. I always look for Wooden Toys and Games when I am gift buying
Wooden toys are more durable, and friendlier for the environment.
I have put away some toys in my attic, so that in years to come I can watch my grandbabies play with the same toys my children did. I just love the idea of passing town good wooden toys.

15% Off Jaques of London

Christmas is coming up and I am creating my Best buy lists for Boys and girls of Similar ages to my Children so look out for that.

Jaques of London are very kindly giving you the opportunity to take 15% OFF your Christmas Shopping with Jaques, so go ahead and make Christmas more environmentally friendly.

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