Pikler Triangle, is it just the latest craze?

In recent months, especially since the start of lockdown. You’ll have noticed a large increase in parents purchasing a Pikler Triangle, is it just the latest craze?

Pikler triangle
Reggie trying out the Pikler

Where did the Pikler Triangle originate?

Although some believe the Pikler is a new “craze” it really isn’t, The pikler triangle was born over 100 years ago by Hungarian Dr. Emmi Pikler. Dr Pikler believed that children should have only natural free movement and uninterrupted play so the they can develop in their own time. You can learn more in detail here.

So what is a Pikler Triangle?

The Pikler Triangle is literally just a climbing frame, that’s it. Simply just a climbing frame. However you’ll usually find a climbing frame at the local playpark and they aren’t usually aimed towards younger children (although I am definitely seeing improvements) The Pikler Triangle is the ‘baby’ of the climbing frames if you will. Absolutely fantastic for growing children exploring their climbing abilities; because we all know they love nothing more than climbing all over our furniture, which isn’t too safe.

When should I buy one?

Pikler’s are suitable from birth believe it or not. They are so versatile you wouldn’t believe it. You can hang ribbons and lay baby underneath. This will encourage baby’s senses and motor skills often increasing intellectual development, which is vital to cognitive development. Once baby is on the move they will soon use the Pikler to pull themselves up. And before you know it your once little baby is now climbing to the top of the piker. This is when you can add a slide/ladder.

Where do I purchase one?

I spent a few months “umming and ahhing” about it.
A. Can I afford it?
B. Is it really necessary?

So I did what every woman does and I bought it anyway. I searched and searched for months I was looking for the best and going by real reviews I came across Out of the Chicken Shed. So I checked out their Social Media and did some more research before fully committing.
I am glad I did because everything was straight forward and my parcel arrived fast. The quality is better than I expected.

It has been used every single day since Christmas last year by every child that has been in my home. My nieces and nephews love it just as much as my own children. The ages range from 11 months to 8 years.

Christmas 2020

Confidence building

My youngest two, Fred (4) and a very almost 2 year old Danny both love the Pikler. Fred was so cautious with absolutely everything he did at Danny’s age. He didn’t have any confidence and would only ever go on the slide at the local park. However since having the Pikler and watching everyone around him, he now is absolutely full of confidence and pushes himself to try. Danny on the other hand has had the Pikler since 12 months old and he was climbing up and over by 13 months. Then he started climbing the stairs. I honestly believe the confidence in them both is from having a Pikler Triangle in the Livingroom to play with whenever they wish.

Danny pushing himself

Other Out of the Chicken Shed recommendations

When I purchased the Pikler Triangle I also bought a Wobble/Rocking board from the same company. I wasn’t actually expecting the children to use it but my goodness they do. It has been a road, a bridge, a slide from the sofa, a climbing frame. I have even used it to scoop the toys into the toy corner and wedged it between both sofas so the toys didn’t spill into the middle of the floor ( I know! total genius, right? ) Emily even managed to get Danny to nap on the board one day. He was being really fussy so she had wrapped him up in blankets and rocked him until he fell asleep. Fred is a huge fan of chilling out on the board whilst watching tele, it’s his comfort space.

I just contacted Out of the Chicken Shed to see if they could possibly make us a larger one because the children love it so much I know they will get even more use out of a bigger one.

Wobble board yoga- is it a thing? if not it should be.

Danny having a snooze

Learning Tower – Learning towers are a safe alternative to stools and can be used from standing age. As soon as your little one can stand get them helping in the kitchen. We started by filling up the sink and placing spoons in, Danny washed them one by one.
He now Cuts up his own fruit and vegetables, spreads his sandwiches and helps himself to yoghurts in the fridge.

Child buttering toast, using learning tower
Danny waiting for his toast

So, is the Pikler really worth it?

I absolutely 100% think it really is worth it.

  • It provides endless hours of entertainment
  • Encourages self-confidence and gross motor skills
  • Open-ended play and creativity whilst using imagination
  • They grow with your child, from birth until they outgrow it (but you can always purchase a taller Pikler)
  • Concentration Skills
  • Folds Flat for space saving
  • Saves your own Furniture 😉

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