track santa with us

Track Santa with us

It’s Christmas Eve, Pyjamas are on and we’ve finished our movie. But were all too hyped up. The hot chocolate and cookies sugar rush has hit and there’s absolutely no way the kids are going to bed. So there is only one thing left to do. On Christmas Eve we always Track Santa. Usually we use Norad but this year we have discovered more ways to Track Santa.

Track Santa with Sky Q

From Christmas Eve if you have a Sky Q remote, using the voice control you can ask “Where is Santa” it will bring up a map with live tracking. I like this one because Santa doesn’t appear to go from country to country in seconds, this one seems more believable.

Official NORAD Santa Tracker

Norad has been around for years and it is always our number one tracker. The website itself is actually quite fun. There’s loads of information including how many gum drops the Sleigh weighs, because we have ALL asked that question. You can do this via a phone/app or computer/pc. It is super easy to work.

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker is available for the full of December and it is full of games, stories and fun. Even the younger children will really enjoy this. You can also track Santa. We found this website really fun and we have told everyone about it. We only discovered it last week but the kids have really enjoyed it.

December is my favourite Month of the year and Christmas is absolutely my favourite day. I love setting new traditions and watching the children’s faces light up as we track Santa and leave out treats and as we say goodbye to our scout Elves.

We would love to hear your traditions and what you get up to on the lead up to Christmas.

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