effective cold sore remedy

Effective Cold sore remedy that actually works

This is an advertisement of LipQ Liquorice lip balm. All opinions are of my own.

Recently I was very lucky to have been given an opportunity to try out some LipQ Liquorice lip balm and if I am honest I was a little sceptical because I’ve tried everything. Cold sore season for me is October to March. Like I’ve said I have tried pretty much everything and still don’t get anywhere – or so I thought.

Liquorice Balm

The LipQ balm from Skinshop comes in a totty little silver tin, as soon as you open it you can smell the Liquorice. The balm itself is silky smooth, not oily and butter-like, as you would find with some other brands. The day it had arrived I could a feel a coldsore and my lips were dry and cracking, really sore.

I took a clean finger and I very softly swirled it around the balm until I had enough. I then rubbed it on my dry cracking lips. Instantly I could feel them soak into the skin and moisturise. I’ve never felt anything like it. I then re-applied a few hours later and even then I could feel a huge difference.

When you are getting a cold sore you feel that spot like sting with tightness. That’s what I felt, but by the end of the day with the help of LipQ liquorice balm I couldn’t feel that anymore. That cold sore didn’t make it – Thankfully!

Perfect little tin for your handbag and I will be putting some in stockings this year for sure. Definitely top of my Best Buys for Mums list. Never in a million years did I ever think Liquorice could be a remedy for cold sores but there is obviously proof in the scientific research.

Liquorice contains high levels of Glycyrrhizic Acid, which research shows has strong anti-viral actions. When applied to the lips, liquorice extract can weaken the cold sore virus that lies dormant in the skin around the lips, making it less active.

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