Frugal Baby – preparing for a baby without all the unnecessary extra expenses

I am a mum to three children and as my husband says I can’t help but go ‘over the top’ when it comes to buying for a new baby. However If I was to do it all again 4th time round I would do it very differently and absolutely without all of the unnecessary expenses.


When I was pregnant with Emily I took anything and everything I could get second hand and cheap as I was a teen mum. I didn’t have money to waste. After two years of trying to conceive Fred we were finally blessed and I couldn’t wait to go shopping. I wanted everything new, because I could. We purchased far too many clothes, bibs, socks, shoes. You name it we bought it. Danny came along last year almost 3 years after Fred. Thankfully I still had loads of Fred’s good clothes, bibs, shoes etc. It was mainly items I didn’t actually use with Fred. Again unnecessary expenses.

Baby necessities

Food, nappies, clothing, something to travel with and a safe sleeping area is all babies need.


I always had a Moses Basket, a Crib and a Cot. Is there actually need for all those? Is it laziness having one for upstairs and one for downstairs? Then a cot in the nursery also? When I look back I think to myself I didn’t NEED those and I could have had someone get an extra for me if I really needed. What I would do differently.  In Scotland everyone is entitled to a Baby Box which is a gorgeous cardboard box safe for baby sleeping. The bonus is that it comes with lots of bits & bobs. It’s a real “starter kit”. I would definitely use the box for safe sleeping and I would have a cot built in my room from day 1.


I purchased socks in every size, vests in every size but not just one type either, I bought short & long sleeved vests. Even though I never actually ever used the long sleeved ones because they are a bloody nightmare getting on any T-shirts/Jumpers on top. I also purchased every outfit I deemed cute, sleepsuits in every size. Jeans, shirts, jumpers, joggies, coats, snowsuits and shoes and slippers. What on earth was I thinking? I only dressed them in sleepsuits until 6months at least. Danny hated his socks and I don’t blame him when he could be using his feet for sensory to explore. Shoes? Never had I ever put shoes or slippers on the kids until they were at least crawling and exploring. There was no need for coats either, babies are absolutely fine with breathable knitted items and blankets for layers. Jeans augh what was I thinking? Babies don’t even look comfortable in jeans. Once again I ask myself What was I thinking? What I would do now. I would buy only Vests, sleepsuits and cardigans.


I bottle fed both Emily & Fred. As soon as I seen sterilisers on offer I snapped them up, then Tommee Tippee had some gorgeous bottles so I had them too. Then I obviously thought I needed all of the accessories to go with it. The steriliser took up far too much room, the bottles only 3 or 4 actually got used and I didn’t need the bottle bags or the powder pots. With Danny I decided I was buying nothing because I really wanted to breastfeed. I knew if there were bottles and formula there that I would use them. What I would do now if formula feeding I would purchase one size bottles, only 2 and I would only purchase some travel formula’s as babies don’t always take to one formula. If breastfeeding I wouldn’t buy anything. For sterilising I favour a Milton cold water steriliser over an electric one.


When I weaned Emily I started early when she was 4 months because thats what my mum did with us. I didn’t really know any better. With Fred I didn’t think he was ready until about 8 months and I fed him purees. Both Emily and Fred are a real nightmare with food. Emily has stomach issues and Fred (almost 4) still asks to be fed along with his table manners that are very testing. So with Danny I decided to try BLW -Baby Led Weaning. I armed myself with information, I didn’t buy anything other than a BibaDO bib to stop mess. I give Danny what we are eating and he loves his food. He knows when he has had enough and I love seeing him explore what is on his plate. he is Just shy of 1 year old and he is able to feed himself with a spoon. What I would do now – 100% BLW no doubt about it. I wouldn’t dare waste my time on purees and buying excess cutlery & bowls.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Emily & Fred were gifted so many toys our home was always over run with bright lights, multicoloured and noisy toys. With Danny I decided to try out the Montessori method of parenting. Which is essentially following in your child’s footsteps and using simple toys and books. What I would do now – I would absolutely follow on what I am doing now. We use 90% Wooden Toys at home and we Rotate Toys so the children are not over stimulated. There are so many benefits to the Montessori method.

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