girls bedroom from their persepective

Girls Bedroom Ideas – from a girls perspective

When we moved out of our flat and into a gorgeous 4 bed home. The kids would each have their own room. Emily and Fred were seriously excited to start decorating their own rooms. In this post Emily (11) will talk through how she planned her pre-teen ‘girls bedroom, from a girls perspective’

Creating a more ‘Grown up Girls Bedroom’

I wanted something light/pastel like but grown up – after all I am not exactly a kid with a little girls bedroom, I am almost a teenager. Mum set Pinterest up for me so I could search for ideas. I loved it. I had so many crazy ideas but on a budget so I had to be sensible-ish.

How I decided on my colour scheme.

Mum and dad took me to B&Q to choose paint. I was looking for a turquoise and a pink in the Valspar paint area. I Picked up a colour and it was so funny because it matched my nails. ‘Frosty Aqua’ and when I picked up a Pink it was the same colour as my hoodie. So I knew that I just HAD to have them. If you ask me I think these colours are perfect for a girls bedroom. Especially a girl who is growing out of a “kids” bedroom.

Valspar – Frosty Aqua V700

I don’t do normal, I prefer to be different

Mum likes one colour wall and the rest white but I don’t do boring. So I showed my dad a Pinterest design that I liked and he eventually agreed and got to work. With the design in mind I was looking for something to pop in my room, something with yellow, yellow is a happy colour and I think every girls bedroom has a touch of yellow to it. I racked my arty farty brain and with help from Pinterest I found 3D paper flowers.

3D Wall Flowers – On a budget

I looked online with mum but they weren’t exactly budget friendly so we purchased card from amazon, downloaded a template and we made them ourselves. They looked easy enough but when you need to cut the same shape over and over again our hands were so sore. I chose what flower was going to be what colour and mum helped me alot. We saved well over £100 by doing it at home but I would absolutely spend that next time to save my hands. We used command strips and placed them above my bed.

I fancied some rose gold so we looked around for something but nothing was really jumping out so back to pinterest I went and found a wall with gold sticker dots. We searched for rose gold and we were in luck. I purchased 2 sizes small and medium which cameiconic to just over £10.

Finishing Touches

Ok so room is painted, dots and flowers on the wall. I need curtains to match and a lightshade. Mum found some curtains in the next sale, they were perfect. Mum was buying a lightshade for Fred’s bedroom and seen a bargain lightshade for £7 so we got that for my bedroom its gorgeous and fits in well.

I loved doing my own room

Being able to choose everything for my bedroom was great fun. I can’t wait to do it all over again in a few years, Thank you for reading my blog.
Emily x

Check out these other girly rooms we found

Check out the Transformation I found on Instagram. A beautiful toddler bedroom for Kelsey’s daughter Frankie.

This toddler room by Shelley is stunning, I am feeling kind of jealous that Emily never has anything like this when she was a wee girl. However if I was to have a little girl this would absolutely be my inspiration. I love the reasoning behind the Hot Air Balloons.

Mindi at MyLove2Create really outdone herself with this gorgeous bedroom, I’d say this was perfect for many ages too. I love the fluffy stool.

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