book rotation and why you should consider it

Book Rotation and why you should consider it

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Book Rotation

Children’s books take over your home super fast, and they love adding to their already overwhelming collection don’t they? I know your probably really proud of your book collection however I am going to show you how we removed over 80% of Fred’s storybooks without throwing any away and sparking that love for storybooks again. Book Rotation will become your new normal.

book rotation and why you should consider it
All of these were stacked on the shelves


With over 60 books to choose from bedtime was becoming a nightmare. He’d be looking at the mass amount of books snug on the shelf. He couldn’t choose, It was overwhelming. I can’t even choose a chocolate bar in the local corner shop, how on earth do I expect him to choose a book when there are so many.

book rotation and why you should consider it
Decisions, Decisions


Our Toy Rotation is every second Sunday, so we decided that we would do book rotation every Sunday. I think its important to choose a day where the child is home and can be involved. A day that you as a family can commit to. Set a reminder and add it to the calendar, count how many sleeps until ‘New Books’ you can make it as exciting as you need to, to keep it going.

book rotation and why you should consider it
Fred “it’s the button book mummy”

10 books

We decided 10 books would suffice for a whole week. That gives a new one every evening and more for whenever Fred wants to read. More than enough choice. Fred chooses these books himself, we count from 1-10 and let him know when he is done. He gets super excited because he goes for the books he would have forgotten about.

Lets get started
Book Rotation and why you should consider it
  1. Lay all books out for child to see clearly
  2. Choose 10 books (you can choose the amount you feel is best)
  3. Ask your child to pop them on their bookshelf
  4. Allow them to do any swaps/changes
  5. Put away all of the other books


I store the rest of our books in Danny’s wardrobe as there seems to be loads of room in there. If however you don’t think you have the room to store the excess perhaps an underbed storage tub would be a good idea?

Fred’s top 5 books

1. Press Here
2. Octonauts
3. There’s a dragon in your book
4. I need a new bum
5. You Choose

These are Fred’s ultimate favourites but surprisingly since doing book rotations he doesn’t always choose them, although when asked he will tell you these are his favourite.

Join in

Follow us over on Instagram where I will add our Book rotation to stories for all to see, here you will get a better understanding of what goes on. If you have any question please feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you. If you do take part please tag me so I can show Fred. We would love to see what books you have chosen.

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