Pavement paint

Pavement Paint D.I.Y

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Pavement Paint is one of the easiest things I’ve ever made and it keeps the kids entertained – for longer than you’ll imagine. They can even help make it, its that simple with only 3 ingredients

Pavement paint chalk
Naughts & Crosses

If lockdown has you going stir crazy with your little “Can I get a snack” army then this D.I.Y pavement paint will be sure to keep them occupied for atleast an hour. You might even have time to grab a HOT cuppa. I know! Whats that?

Pavement colour chalk paint
Colourful pavement paint

Pavement Paint D.I.Y

I am positive you will have these 3 ingredients at home, if not you will find them at your local supermarket or even a small local shop. You can even buy them in bulk for well under £10 and you will have endless days of fun throughout the school holidays. Its super easy to remember so you will do them again and again.


Believe me when I say they really are just like paint, take it outdoors and let the kids imaginations run wild. Me and Emily had a couple games of Noughts & Crosses, and she painted a Hopscotch. You will find the brushes we used here. However you can always use Daddy’s painting brushes. The thicker the bristles the better. When you first paint it just looks wet, as soon as it dries you will see the colouring come to life and as will your creations.

How long does the paint last?

In a jar it will last a good few hours. It can’t be premade so make it up when you’re going to use it. Get the kids involved in the making because lets face it the minute you tell them that you are going to make this they will insist they can help make it. On the Pavement it’ll last a good old rainy night.

Instructions & Ingredients

DIY Pavement Paint


400ml Water
250grams Cornflour
Food Colouring
Painting Brushes


  • Mix together the water & cornflour
  • Separate equally into your chosen containers
  • Mix in your food colouring *
  • Leave for 2 minutes & mix again one last time

*If you don’t have any food colouring or you fancy more vibrant colours you can use children’s washable paint. You may need to mix with a little water before adding to mixture.

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