my baby must haves

My baby must haves

My baby must haves, from an “experienced” mum.

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My baby must haves is the perfect list for anyone Expecting a child, grandchild, niece or nephew is such an important time. We all get a little bit ahead of ourselves and start buying everything and anything. I’ve compiled a short list of items that are on my top list of Baby must haves and things I’ll make sure I have for the next baby *Insert husband shaking his head* ha.

For the teeny ones
Large muslin cloths
My favourite muslin cloth

Large Muslin – I found Muslin cloths (large ones) to be fantastic for swaddling, burping & even cleaning up sick. I found a pack of three at TK Maxx inexpensive and absolutely perfect for every new baby. If you sleep with it for a few nights it’ll smell of you and calm baby when they need it, especially during the 4 month sleep regression.
Price £9.99

Oball When Danny started grabbing around 8 weeks, this was absolutely perfect he could grip it with minimal effort, it is super lightweight, dishwasher and sterilisation friendly. Oball have other products which are just as good so do check them out. This is one of my baby must haves for sure.
Price under £5.00

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Oball baby toy
Selection of Oball products

Snot Sucker – Yeah exactly that! I use the one I got from a little Tommee Tippee care set which includes scissors and nail clippers etc. They all come in handy but the sucker is especially useful. Danny was a autumn/winter baby and had bronchiolitis/rsv twice now. When it first started I was able to suck away all the snot and clear his nose. Allowing him to breath better. Price £14.00

Teething- I am going to recommend two products here for teething. There are a few stages of teething the first one ‘the early stage’ I always notice is when baby is super frustrated and all they can coordinate to chew is their hands. The other is ‘the later stages’ when baby needs to physically bite super hard to something, usually they use you… and believe me that hurts! Both products are easy to clean and store in babies change bag. For more information on teething check out this post by Emma Reed.
Gummee Glove Teether
Gummee Glove Teether

The Gummee Glove– This is perfect for the early stages of teething. Saving their teeny hands getting sore. It is a lightweight glove that fits onto the babies hand, it has some beautifully designed ribbed silicone that helps babies gums. It comes packaged in a gorgeous cotton bag and a silicone heart that attaches to the top of the glove. (Sadly we lost ours when it was used by Fred).
Price £12.99

Matchstick Monkey Teether
Matchstick Monkey Teether

Matchstick Monkey – This is a great product for the later stages of teething. It is easy to hold, all areas can be bitten and the head has a lovely bumpy side to it. When baby is really struggling with teething you can pop it in the freezer and baby will gnaw away for instant relief.
Price £9.99


IKEA LEKA – Babies don’t need play gyms with loads of colours and over stimulating patterns hanging over them. They need something plain and simple like a wooden baby gym- the IKEA one is perfect, with ribbon or even a baby mirror. You can rotate what hangs – check out my board on pinterest for ideas of rotations, and items you can purchase that’ll come in handy. Price £19

hess wooden baby walker
Hess Walker

Hess Walker – I found this wooden baby must have while looking for a walker that doesn’t encourage sitting. Those aren’t recommended due to the placement of the hips. This one is perfect. When baby is ready they can walk along with it. Danny has used his since around 4 months, he would lay and play with the toys, now he sits and plays with the toys. He has even started climbing up a little. I know it wont be long until he is pushing it around the house. I have to say this is my ultimate number one purchase and I recommend this to everyone. Price under £60


Bibado bib

BIBaDO – Everyone needs this incredible bib! I always thought these things were more hassle than they were worth but goodness was I wrong. The bib is like an apron, you put their hands through, velcro it at the back and again underneath the highchair. There are some poppers on the sleeves to make them shorter if needed. They come in 4 designs. Best part of all? All you need to clean is baby’s hands and face. Price £19.95

Suction plate – A good suction plate/bowl usually stops babies from tipping food over. It worked amazingly for Fred but Danny has mastered the trick to picking it up. However Fred is now 3 and super clumsy so we’ve started using them for him again. Prices from £10 usually

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