The truth about being a ‘teen mum’

17 Year old Student

The truth about being a ‘Teen Mum’. There was a few friends that I’d hang out with after college- I say hang out I mean get drunk, chat to weirdos on MSN and take god awful selfies. I was talking to a guy a few years older than me; he had his own flat, he was everyone’s pal. He took me in when my mum kicked me out for swearing at her. That was short lived and I got out of there pronto – I’ll save the rest for another day ha.

How many weeks?

I’ve never had sex I said laughing at my mum as I wee’d on a stick, it was positive. Fuck, ok shit! Time for the truth. Later on that day we had been to the GP, she was asking me over and over “you haven’t felt any movement?” None, I had never felt a thing. She estimated me to be around 15 weeks pregnant. It was revealed at a scan I was in fact 26 weeks pregnant and I was having a Girl. My emotions were all over the place, a teen mum. I have no money, I’ll need to get a job, where will I live? what do I do? I’ve never been taught about bills or cooking, I’ll need to teach myself.

Emily 9lb 5oz

As time went on and I began to really love the fact I was having a baby. I was excited for all the good things to come, I dreamt so many dreams of the life we would live. Emily-Jacqueline was born 9lb 5oz on Saint Patricks Day. I was in love, so in love it was crazy, I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to just stare at her. She is my everything and I am going to protect her from everyone I thought to myself.

I thought I was doing incredible for being a teen mum but my parents just couldn’t help but put me down constantly. I was called all sorts of names, tutted at for doing things, told I wasn’t doing it right etc.

It was so hard. Just after Emily turned one, I was offered my first home, a council house on a brand-new estate 4 miles away. PERFECT! Thankfully many friends of the community offered me house items and I was so desperate to leave home I moved in with hardly anything. I was the first person living on the estate.

Moving on

Making my flat a home, I was free of all the tutting, swearing, shouting etc. I didn’t need to listen to my parents slavering midweek while they drink a bottle of vodka. From here on out things will be better.

Every day Emily and I walked, come rain, snow or sun we walked. We had explored the whole town inside and out. We had so much fun just the two of us. As Emily started making friends in the estate and so did I, Life was fab. I was in control of us now and I am a fucking incredible lone parent. The truth is, its hard being a ‘Teen Mum’.

The hardest thing I found about being a teen mum.
Being looked down on; Me and a friend went to a babies and toddler group. We were looking forward to going and meeting other mums with children of the same age. We walked in and I swear there was like a huge separation of women. Not one person was welcoming, they didn't even acknowledge our babies. I never went back. Funnily enough Emily is now eleven and goes to school with children of snotty parents. 
Not having a good support network; My parents constantly put me down for the smallest of things. My friends were out living their lives and I was a lone parent.
The best things about being a teen mum
The Bond; as Emily grows I find I can relate so much to her feelings. I hope I'll be able to guide her through her teenage days, I wasn't really guided. 
Energy; I often heard older mums say they don't have the energy to be running around after their children all day. I enjoy being silly with them.
Career; I didn't have a career as such so I still have many years to concentrate on that when Emily is older.
Age;  When Emily is 30 and she is starting her family, I'll only be 47, a  young nana. 

Emily is now 11, and she has two younger siblings. I am no longer a lone parent. I am happily married to my bestie Tony. He is the best thing thats ever happened to us. Emily’s siblings, Fred age 3 and Danny 7months absolutely adore her. She has always been super easy, she did as she was told, never argued, room is always spotless and she does chores in order to receive pocket money. Emily can save her money well, but she also knows how to go on a spending spree. She is obsessed with stationary, art and cooking. . . But never ask her to boil and egg without the instruction – leave it in the shell. Emily is – lets call it ‘pre-teen’ and as the weeks go by her attitude is getting ever so alike my own at that age.

Being a teen mum has its highs and its lows. No matter what though being a mum is an extremely rewarding job. I love absolutely every minute of it.

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