Why I’ve taken my child’s toys away from him

….and you should too

I am so sick to the back teeth of tripping over toys. They are everywhere, I found the ear from Mr potato head behind the loo the other day. The kids have far too much. Emily is ok, she is eleven and super tidy and her toys stay in her room, she has a space for everything. Fred on the otherhand really does have too many toys for a three year old. He never really plays with them. He loves his Gup-S and he did play with that for maybe 1 week solid.

Tony and I have tried helping him engage with toys but it’s a struggle. Come to think of it, he has never really had a favourite. He does become quite obsessive over his torch or his fan, you know those little things you pop into the stockings, it’s those little things he loves.

Why did I start this?

How I fixed this

So I’ve decided the kids are spoilt, they have far too much and they don’t need it all- well not all at once. So I’ve spent around 2 hours in Fred’s room with him, sorting toys making sure we have all the bits together and putting them into piles, cars together, train sets and so on. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of plastic toys we are holding onto too.

All toys that are to go into the garret.

I asked Fred to choose 10 toys for his bedroom. He chose a car racing set, his wooden vacuum, his octonaut GUP-A, GUP-S and some others. He climbed the ladder with daddy and put the rest of his toys up the garret in boxes. I explained to Fred why we had done this and he has been counting down from 14 sleeps until he can pack away and choose another 10.

The Benefits

  • We now have less clutter, and I am not falling over toys anymore.
  • We have so much more space to play.
  • I feel that Fred is much more engaged with his toys, he is playing with them and for longer than usual 2/3 minutes.
  • Fred used to be so easily distracted until now. He is getting so much more enjoyment out of his toys.

Have you tried Toy Rotation? I’d love to know if it’s going as well as ours. Please feel free to comment ♡


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