• oy holding wrapped jacques of london gift

    Jaques of London: Wooden Toy Review

    If you have read my other blogs then you’ll know just how much I love Wooden Toys & Games. So you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to review a Wooden Toy from Jaques of London. AD/Collaboration : all words and opinions are my own Jaques of London 8 generations of one family. Incredible really isn’t it, considering the way the British industry has changed over the past 50 years alone. Imagine being a toy inventor , that sounds like a dream doesn’t it. Look at it this way, the product your holding in your hand as you read this, it was invented by someone ,…

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    Scottish Halloween Traditions

    Halloween is one of my favourite events in the year. The colder evenings, the lit up homes, decorations and not forgetting the very stressful times organising an outfit for a child who can’t make up their mind until the day. Scottish Halloween events are rare to find who why don’t I tell you all about some Scottish Halloween Traditions. Guising When it comes to scottish halloween traditions, guising is probably one of the only ones remaining, even if its done completely different here in the 21st Century. Guising was dressing up both adults and children to disguise them from the returning dead who may have been seeking some revenge on…

  • Tentsmuir park

    Lockdown Days out in Fife

    Oh no, the holidays have arrived, that came around fast. I’ve whittled down a list of our favourite places for Lockdown Days out in Fife. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. Alfred Wainwright Cambo Gardens, Kingsbarns Cambo Gardens is home to the Lost Elf Village which is hidden beyond the trees sheltering you from wind and (most of) the rain. There you will find a bug hotel, tree house type platform, mud kitchen and dens. All which support outdoor play. You can grab a coffee from the Cafe then take yourself off to the Glingbobs and Tootflits trail. Where you need to be eagle-eyed to spot…

  • This New Years Resolution - Ditching Toxic Peop;e
    Mental Health

    This New Year’s Resolution – Ditching Toxic People

    What makes someone Toxic? Usually behaviour that is learned from childhood, which then causes dysfunctional social skills. Therefore most wont know they are doing it or haven’t been told so. If you believe this of someone, let them know you don’t like the way they act or talk around you and others. It is completely normal for Toxic people to be unaware. What is a New Years Resolution? It started way back in the 1800’s where the Babylonians traditionally promised to re-pay their debts. As the decades have progressed it has changed slightly, so instead of returning borrowed goods or maintaining commitment to chivalry. The 21st Century is more lose…

  • girls bedroom from their persepective

    Girls Bedroom Ideas – from a girls perspective

    When we moved out of our flat and into a gorgeous 4 bed home. The kids would each have their own room. Emily and Fred were seriously excited to start decorating their own rooms. In this post Emily (11) will talk through how she planned her pre-teen ‘girls bedroom, from a girls perspective’ Creating a more ‘Grown up Girls Bedroom’ I wanted something light/pastel like but grown up – after all I am not exactly a kid with a little girls bedroom, I am almost a teenager. Mum set Pinterest up for me so I could search for ideas. I loved it. I had so many crazy ideas but on…

  • mum guilt is

    Every mum feels ‘mum guilt’ – don’t ever feel alone

    Every mum feels mum guilt you have probably heard people talking about it. It’s usually something silly that we feel guilty for and it consumes us. We tell our friends and they laugh and they usually say “been there”. Most days I wish I could take Rachel’s approach and not have the guilt tearing me up, one day maybe, hopefully. Mum guilt for shouting Every mum feels ‘mum guilt’. I feel guilty at least once a day. I have three kids 11, 3 and 8 months. Everyday I feel I am not giving Emily the same attention as the younger two are getting. Sometimes I’m ok and it’s just a…

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    Pikler Triangle, is it just the latest craze?

    In recent months, especially since the start of lockdown. You’ll have noticed a large increase in parents purchasing a Pikler Triangle, is it just the latest craze? Where did the Pikler Triangle originate? Although some believe the Pikler is a new “craze” it really isn’t, The pikler triangle was born over 100 years ago by Hungarian Dr. Emmi Pikler. Dr Pikler believed that children should have only natural free movement and uninterrupted play so the they can develop in their own time. You can learn more in detail here. So what is a Pikler Triangle? The Pikler Triangle is literally just a climbing frame, that’s it. Simply just a climbing…

  • track santa with us

    Track Santa with us

    It’s Christmas Eve, Pyjamas are on and we’ve finished our movie. But were all too hyped up. The hot chocolate and cookies sugar rush has hit and there’s absolutely no way the kids are going to bed. So there is only one thing left to do. On Christmas Eve we always Track Santa. Usually we use Norad but this year we have discovered more ways to Track Santa. Track Santa with Sky Q From Christmas Eve if you have a Sky Q remote, using the voice control you can ask “Where is Santa” it will bring up a map with live tracking. I like this one because Santa doesn’t appear…

  • effective cold sore remedy

    Effective Cold sore remedy that actually works

    This is an advertisement of LipQ Liquorice lip balm. All opinions are of my own. Recently I was very lucky to have been given an opportunity to try out some LipQ Liquorice lip balm and if I am honest I was a little sceptical because I’ve tried everything. Cold sore season for me is October to March. Like I’ve said I have tried pretty much everything and still don’t get anywhere – or so I thought. The LipQ balm from Skinshop comes in a totty little silver tin, as soon as you open it you can smell the Liquorice. The balm itself is silky smooth, not oily and butter-like, as…

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    I am a MyBump2Baby favourite blogger!

    I am so excited to be joining hundreds of amazing parent bloggers on the MyBump2Baby directory. This means that when you next search the app/site for some advice or information “best baby buys” for example. You should be able to find my blog with my recommendations. Download the app The database at MyBump2Baby is perfect from even before pregnancy. It is full of such incredible advice from such lovely REAL people.

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    Frugal Baby – preparing for a baby without all the unnecessary extra expenses

    I am a mum to three children and as my husband says I can’t help but go ‘over the top’ when it comes to buying for a new baby. However If I was to do it all again 4th time round I would do it very differently and absolutely without all of the unnecessary expenses. Expecting When I was pregnant with Emily I took anything and everything I could get second hand and cheap as I was a teen mum. I didn’t have money to waste. After two years of trying to conceive Fred we were finally blessed and I couldn’t wait to go shopping. I wanted everything new, because…

  • Granny Franny's Big Red Bus Review

    Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus- Children’s Book Review

    Since we started Book Rotation Fred has really been into his books. Some nights we can’t get away until we have read three books at bedtime. We now use his good behaviour as a way of treating him to books. When the postman comes with a parcel it really lights up his wee face. So you can imagine the delight when Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus landed on the mat. Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus is written by Sonia Beldom. Who fulfilled her childhood ambition at the young age of 55. Driving a Big Red Bus around London has become her second job- Well until Covid-19 struck. So she decided…